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Cubism marked the beginning of modern art when Picasso and Braque overturned established conventions to begin the dawn of a new pictorial idiom. They were more concerned with expressing an idea rather than capturing the world around them. Cubism transformed the visual world of the twentieth century by making images whose reality would be independent, but no less valid than our traditional impressions of reality. With that revolutionary concept modern art was born and the visual world was never the same.

Cubism revolutionized art because it recognized imagination as the major instrument of understanding and appreciating art rather than the eye alone.

Cubism allowed the mind to ponder and to wonder. To search and to reflect, and with continued mystery to appreciate.

And as one moves on…to retain an imagery.
And capture an emotional residue to cherish.

The ability to present a wide variety of visual imagery makes cubism fascinating. Using geometric abstractions as an idiom to form endless combinations makes it possible to develop a theme with an idea that is subjective in nature leaving each work open to individual interpretation. This broadens appreciation to the limitless avenues of ones imagination.

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