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Art and architecture has long been the center of my interest. After graduating from the college of architecture and fine arts at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines, I accepted a scholarship from the Spanish government to amplify my studies in Madrid, Spain. This broadened my horizon greatly and my further venture into the rest of Western Europe exposed me to the wonders of the center of the art world.

Upon my return, I was able to put to good use my education and experience by teaching at my alma mater and practice architecture for many years. But when the political climate dramatically changed in the Philippines in 1975, I migrated to Canada with my family.

Now in Canada, I continue to pursue my in interest in art and architecture as a part time consultant in development and an avid disciple of cubistic art. I work from my studio in Richmond, BC. And most of my works are with private collectors in Canada, United States and the Philippines.

Member Federation of Canadian Artists.

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